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Vinçotte OK biobased

OK biobased is a certification system that verifies the origin of a product in a clear, reproducible way. This means: analysing whether it is made from fossil (petroleum-based) or renewable (biobased) raw materials (carbon).

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Vinçotte OK biodegradable

"Biodegradation" does not mean exactly the same in all circumstances. Every environment has its own specific temperature, humidity level, pH, oxygen supply etc. which influence the biodegradation process. Some products are intended to decompose in the soil (e.g. agricultural film) or in water. The circumstances in these environments are very specific. Biodegradation of products in these environments is guaranteed by the corresponding “OK biodegradable SOIL”, “OK biodegradable WATER” and “OK biodegradable MARINE” certifications.

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Vinçotte OK compost HOME

The term “biodegradable” is often used, but biodegradation is highly dependent on the environment. Something that breaks down in an industrial composting installation, in which, due to the large-scale input of organic waste, a constant temperature of approximately 60°C is maintained, will not necessarily break down in a compost heap at home, not to mention simply in the ground. OK compost HOME guarantees biodegradation in the garden compost heap.

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Vinçotte OK compost

Waste management remains a growing problem. Using compostable and biodegradable materials is one way to contribute to the solution. However, there is a major obstacle: how can we be sure whether products are effectively compostable and biodegradable? The OK compost label guarantees compliance with EN 13432, the European standard for compostability in industrial composting installations.

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Seedling logo

Vinçotte is since 2012 a certification body authorised by European Bioplastics and may therefore award the Seedling logo to products that are in compliance with EN 13432. By awarding both the OK compost and the Seedling logo, Vinçotte’s certificate holders have a way to give their compostable products recognition throughout the entire European market.

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